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  Visual Presentation Seminars
Visual Presentation Seminars
MiraVia offers three graphic workshops designed to increase and improve the use of graphics in your presentations. Featuring Michael Buckley, developer of ChartArt, these workshops are ideal for staff developers, school leaders, classroom teachers and others who need to present information visually.

Each one-day session is available separately or in combination with any other.

Enhancing Your Visual Appeal 1:
Creating Powerful Presentation Graphics

This entry-level workshop features practical, engaging hands-on experience in creating effective presentation visuals. This workshop features tools and templates for increasing the impact of presentation visuals and techniques for adding variety, interest and clarity to:
  • Charts
  • Handouts
  • Slide Decks and
  • PowerPoint
Topics include how to create:
  • High-interest borders
  • Eye-catching lettering
  • Unusual icons
You'll come away with specific strategies, new ideas and a useful booklet to support your individual production work.

Enhancing Your Visual Appeal 2:
Improving and Simplifying Presentation Graphics

Designed for those with some experience creating presentation visuals, this workshop provides a more in-depth look at and practice with symbol making. Developed for those who feel they "can't draw', this workshop provides the tools to quickly and easily create clear, meaningful graphic symbols and images.

Based on widely understood concepts of visual perception this workshop explores:
  • Techniques in cartooning
  • Adding movement and dimension
  • Using perspective
You'll leave with a new confidence in your drawing ability and reference materials for continued learning.

From Plain to Powerful:
Adding Impact to Your Printed Materials

In this workshop, a veteran graphic artist and designer shares successful techniques and tips for those facing the challenge of creating documents that must complete for attention with professionally designed print materials.

In this workshop you will learn to:
  • Present your message clearly, concisely and attractively
  • Use type, graphics and white space to their best advantage
  • Avoid common pitfalls of desktop publishing
  • Keep the reader's attention focused on your message
You'll leave with a handbook of design guidelines and practical advice, dozens of sample layouts, and a publication design checklist.

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