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  Classroom Practice
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Getting Started, Getting Smarter
Practical Tools for Beginning Teachers
This seminar series is specially designed for teachers new to the profession. The sessions address the immediate concerns of novice teachers while building a foundation for thoughtful reflective practice across a teaching career. Based on the three-phase Pathways Learning Model, this seminar connects useful theory with classroom practices that engage students with important content, ideas and relationships.

Topics Include:

Managing productive learning environments
Develop essential skills for structuring classroom routines and patterns that promote positive behavior and high levels of student engagement. Learn how to manage time, materials and student interaction for greater learning and increased self-reliance.

Modeling strategic learning
Develop skills and strategies for analyzing and modeling effective problem-solving and decision making skills related to both content and social interactions within your classroom. Learn how to create instructional scaffolds that increase success for all students.

Mediating thinking
Refine your ability to mediate student thinking by applying a verbal and nonverbal toolkit that promotes and develops the thinking capacities of your students. Learn how to respond and inquire to promote greater classroom participation and deeper understanding.

Monitoring student learning
Acquire and apply a variety of formal and informal approaches for classroom-based assessment of student learning before, during and after instruction. Learn how to use classroom observation and student work products to determine progress and address learning needs.