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Pathways to Literacy
Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
This interactive seminar explores the fundamentals of literacy development. The sessions offer practical tools for increasing student success as readers and writers in the content areas. The workshop series explores classroom-tested strategies that work across content areas and grade levels. Each session provides opportunities for developing specific applications for personal classroom use.

Topics include:

Developing strategic readers and writers
Analyze the skills of confident and literate learners by examining the developmental stages of strategic thinking in learning to read and write. Learn methods for including and exercising reading and writing skills during content area instruction.

Processing information
Integrate literacy development with content area text to increase application of ideas and transfer of concepts and principles. Learn how to infuse lessons with literacy development strategies that help students make and express meaning.

Scaffolding student success
Increase student confidence and reduce frustration by developing and applying instructional scaffolds that support and stretch learners of all levels. Learn principles and models for designing reading and writing success for all learners.